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pure RElaxation by the lake...


Soothing massages are not only good for the body, they are like balm for the soul. Just let your body relax and enjoy the relaxation!

External guests are also very welcome.

  • Soothing massages in the hotel Das Traunsee

classic massage - partial body massage

The whole body is loosened and massaged with warm oil.

25 min: € 40

Ayurveda prista

Indian back and abdominal massage with heated herbs filled with medicinal herbs 
Sesame oil stamping. In addition, the spine, chest and abdomen are stretched 
and pressure in oscillations. Stimulates blood circulation, metabolism and 
Lymph flow.
60 min: € 105

Wellness Hot Stone Massage


A soothing massage with warm serpetine stones and warm oils! Recommended for stress and insomnia.

60 min: € 105

facial pure & clean !QMS

The refinement for your uncomplicated skin. A short treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. Cleansing, peeling, facial massage, mask, final care.

50 min: € 90

Classic collagen treatment

Rejuvenating, revitalizing, inspiring! This treatment primarily pampers stressed skin! Peeling, deep cleansing, alginate mask, collagen serum, massage, mask.

60 min: € 105

Pure oxygen treatment

The plump for the young at heart! An absolute luxury lifting treatment - with 98% pure oxygen concentrate, hyaluronic serum is applied to the skin.

90 min: € 148

Men Power

Classic facial treatment for him in combination with a relaxing back and neck massage. Ideal for stressed skin.

60 min: € 95

Salt on my skin

Our full-body peeling with Hallstatt natural salt and high-quality oils is gently massaged into your skin. This loosens the skin flakes and makes your skin supple and soft. It has a nourishing and relaxing effect for body, mind and soul.

25 min: € 48

Body relax treatment

An intensive full-body peeling for soft, velvety and more even skin. The following full-body wellness massage gives you absolute peace and relaxation, invigorates your senses and gives you a deep sense of well-being.

70 min: € 105

herbal stamps massage

Warm oils and powerful massage techniques in combination with the gentle pressure of the warm herbal stamps make this massage so fascinating. Purifying detoxifying detox massage.

60 min: € 105

aromatic oil massage - full body treatment

Switch off and let go. Enjoy a light, soothing massage in a relaxed atmosphere. High-quality aromatic oils make this massage a unique fragrance experience for your senses.

50 min: € 85

Cranio Sacral Therapy

In Cranio Sacral Therapy, the person is viewed as a whole. Gentle techniques of touching the head, neck, spine and sacrum can relieve tension, pain or restricted mobility.
Chronic, acute complaints can be alleviated with it. Deep relaxation!

50 min: € 80


Holistic osteopathy (GOT) regards the entire body as a unit.

Here acute, chronic complaints and preferences are dealt with individually. A wide variety of gentle techniques are combined with one another. Stretching, pressure, vibrations and impulses remove blockages, movement restrictions and their pain.

75 min: € 120

foot reflexology deluxe

The foot reflects the state of our body. Every part of the body can be positively influenced and harmonized via the reflex zones. The foot reflex zone massage has a detoxifying effect on the body and is relaxing and beneficial.
A liver hay wrap and high-quality aromatic oils ensure an absolute relaxation experience.

50 min: € 85

lymphatic drainage

Gentle massage with soft, flowing movements that have a detoxifying and decongesting effect, as the lymph flow is stimulated. Lymph drainage has a pain relieving and healing effect and is therefore ideal after operations and accidents.

50 min: € 80

gentle fascia treatment

Tension and imbalances in the fascia are brought back into balance through gentle turns, pressure and impulses.

50 min: € 80

Trigger point massage

Chronic and acute pain points in the muscles are tracked down and deactivated and resolved using stretching and pressure techniques.

50 min: € 80

Ayurveda energy massage

The energy massage works with meridians and energy points, the so-called 
Marma points. These points are stimulated with oil and gentle pressure of the hands 
and thus freed from energy blockages. Thus, a harmonious flow of the 
Energy restored. It is a full body treatment and also includes 
Face and head massage.
60 min: € 88

Udarabhyanga - abdominal massage

Full attention is given to the abdomen. In Ayurveda, the abdomen is considered the major energy center. The solar plexus, is the seat of emotion and intuition. Especially with restlessness, insomnia, digestive problems, lack of energy, it gives deepest relaxation and calm. This abdominal massage is prepared by acupressure and foot reflex zone massage.
50 min: € 80

Upana Peeling mit Salzöl

A stimulating Ayurvedic peeling massage with salt and sesame oil.

Has a cleansing, dehydrating, detoxifying, disinfecting, stimulating effect, brings soft, velvety skin and strengthens the immune system.

50 min: € 90

Manicure de luxe

Hand peeling & bath, manicure, hand and arm wrap, arm massage, varnish

60 min: € 75

pedicure de luxe

Foot peeling, foot bath, pedicure, removal of excess callus, foot massage, varnish

70 min: € 90

SPA Manicure

Hand bath, manicure, skin care cream

40 min: € 55

SPA pedicure

Foot bath, pedicure, removal of excess callus, skin care cream

50 min: € 70

Tint eyelashes and brows

20 min: € 25

dye eyelashes

15 min: € 20

Color eyebrows

10 min: € 15