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pure RElaxation by the lake...

Beauty & MassageS 

Soothing massages and nourishing facial treatments are not only good for the body, they are like balm for the soul.

Treat yourself to one of the selected treatments in our beauty area and let our beauticians provide you with first-class products from Ligne St. Barths and! QMS MediCosmetics! spoil.

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facial pure & clean !QMS

The refinement for your uncomplicated skin. A short treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. Cleansing, peeling, facial massage, mask, final care.

50 min: 85 €

Classic collagen treatment !QMS

Rejuvenating, revitalizing, inspiring! This treatment primarily pampers stressed skin! Peeling, deep cleansing, alginate mask, collagen serum, massage, mask.

60 min: € 105

Neo-tissudermie treatment QMS!

The pampering for your dehydrated skin. An absolute luxury lifting treatment to improve the tissue structure of your skin. Peeling, deep cleansing, alginate mask, collagen serum, foam mask, massage.

90 min: 136 €

Pure oxygen treatment !QMS

The plump for the young at heart! An absolute luxury lifting treatment - with 98% pure oxygen concentrate, hyaluronic serum is applied to the skin.

90 min: 148 €

Men Power

Classic facial treatment for him in combination with a relaxing back and neck massage. Ideal for stressed skin.

60 min: 95 €

ST BARTH Freshness

Facial & décolleté treatment with fresh fruits and partial body massage.
Enjoy an intensely relaxing and rejuvenating treatment for your face, neck, décolleté and hands. You get a visibly more even and fresher complexion.

90 min: 129 €

ST BARTH Sensation

Noble body pack with soothing relaxation massage.
This soothing body pack provides intensive moisture and is a pleasure for all your senses. You get a visibly refined and velvety-silky complexion all over your body

70 min: 100 €

ST BARTH Pureness

Facial & décolleté treatment with hand massage.
Enjoy the fresh scents of natural elixirs that are reminiscent of a colorful Caribbean fruit basket. The particularly calm, pampering treatment supports your deep relaxation.

50 min: 90 €

ST BARTH Harmony

Pampering full body massage.
Relaxing, gentle full-body massage with care products specially tailored to your needs. As a special finish, you will be pampered with a touch of the Caribbean.

50 min: 85 €

ST BARTH Softness

Relaxing body peeling with coconut oil and papaya. Relaxing peeling massage for soft, velvety and even skin. Ideal as a preparation for a particularly long-lasting and even tan.

35 min: 62 €

Salt on my skin

Full-body peeling with Hallstatt natural salt and high-quality oils makes the skin supple and absorbent.

25 min: 48€

Body relax treatment !QMS

An intensive full-body peeling for soft, velvety and more even skin. The following full-body wellness massage gives you absolute peace and relaxation, invigorates your senses and gives you a deep sense of well-being.

70 min: 115 €

Lomi-Lomi Nui Massage from Hawai

She is also called the queen of massages. The massage ritual shows itself through a very special combination of rhythm, flowing movements and deep muscle work. Softness through stretching and joint mobilization.

75 min: 120 €

Thai oil massage

A mixture of a classic massage and the traditional Thai massage. Energy blockages are released by means of stretching and pressure techniques on the energy channels in our body.

75 min: 120 €

herbal stamps massage

Warm oils and powerful massage strokes in combination with the gentle pressure of the warm herbal stamps make this massage so fascinating. Purifying, detoxifying detox massage.

60 min: 105 €

Wellness Hot Stone Massage

A soothing massage with warm serpentine stones and high-quality heated oils! Recommended for stress and insomnia.

60 min: 96 €

vital massage

Popular massage combination of back massage and foot massage.

50 min: 80 €

aromatic oil massage - full body treatment

A light, soothing massage with high-quality oils to relax and unwind the body.

50 min: 85 €

classic massage - full body

The classic among the massages, in which your wishes are individually addressed.

50 min: 80 €

classic massage - partial body

The classic among the massages, in which your wishes are individually addressed.

25 min: 40 €

foot reflexology

A foot bath initiates the treatment. The foot reflects the state of our body; every part of the body can be positively influenced and harmonized via the reflex zones.

45 min: 64 €

Honey massage

This massage with local honey causes irritation of the tissue through the skin. The blood circulation is strongly stimulated, has a detoxifying and regenerating effect.

25 min: 48 €

Facial lymphatic drainage

Manual lymph drainage is a gentle treatment for the face and décolleté. Decongestant, particularly effective for dark circles and bags under the eyes.

25 min: 45 €

Relaxing facial massage

For pampering and for a radiantly beautiful appearance. Intensive soothing massage with concentrated active ingredients for face, neck, décolleté & neck.

25 min: 45 €

Manicure de luxe

Hand peeling & bath, manicure, hand and arm wrap, arm massage, varnish

60 min: 75 €

pedicure de luxe

Foot peeling, foot bath, pedicure, removal of excess callus, foot massage, varnish

70 min: 90 €

SPA Manicure

Hand bath, manicure, skin care cream

40 min: 45 €

SPA pedicure

Foot bath, pedicure, removal of excess callus, skin care cream

50 min: 60 €

Luxury for your hands - varnish service

15 min: 20 €

Magical eye catcher

Dyeing of brows & eyelashes, shaping brows, intensive eye massage

50 min: 68 €

dye eyelashes

15 min: 20 €

Shape eyebrows with wax

20 min: 20 €

Color eyebrows

15 min: 15 €