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Cosmetics & MassageS 

Soothing massages and treatments are not only good for the body, they are like balm for the soul. Just let your body relax and enjoy the relaxation!

External guests are also very welcome.

Our beauty team is there for you from 9:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m.

Classic Massage - 25 min

Tensions are released, blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated. Enjoy an individual massage tailored to your needs.

25 min: € 50

Hot Stone Massage

This massage is a fascinating combination of full body massage and energy work and the beneficial effects of hot stones. The whole organism is charged with new energy and vitality and tension is released.

50 min: € 100

Body Pamper Treatment

After an intensive full-body foam peeling, we pamper your skin with a nourishing body pack. This treatment has a moisturizing and nourishing effect, stimulating your own collagen production and ensuring a healthier and firmer skin.

50 min: € 100

Facial Lymphatic Drainage

This treatment stimulates the lymph channels in the face and neck area. This leads to a faster removal of waste products. Manual lymphatic drainage has a decongestant and relaxing effect.

25 min: € 50

QMS Facial Pure and Clean

This facial treatment combines pore-deep cleansing with algae modelling to support the detox process, promote regeneration and boost metabolism. This refines the pores and improves the complexioneven and clear.

50 min: € 95

QMS Classic Collagen Treatment

A pampering treatment for skin and soul. The formation of new cells is stimulated and collagens are introduced deep into the skin. The skin can thus bind more moisture and gains suppleness, vitality and elasticity. This treatment includes a relaxing facial massage and plaster modelling.

80 min: € 135

QMS Oxygen Hyaluron Treatment

A lifting treatment with an extraordinary effect on the cell. Hyaluronic acid transports 98% pure oxygen deep into the skin, whereby the skin's own stem cells stimulate the metabolism in a clearly visible way. The elastin is improved, giving the skin more firmness and more volume. The result is radiant and fresh skin.

80 min: € 155

QMS Activator Treatment

This fleece treatment increases your skin's ability to bind moisture. The skin functions are brought back into balance, the blood circulation is stimulated and the skin is strongly moisturized. Just the thing for stressed and dehydrated skin.

50 min: 105 €

Men Power

Classic facial treatment in combination with a relaxing back and neck massage.

50 min: € 95

Aromatic - Salt Peeling

This full body peeling with aromatic oil and Hallstatt natural salt supports the renewal of your skin, promotes metabolism and makes your skin velvety soft.

25 min: € 55

Body Relax Treatment

An intensive full-body peeling ensures soft and even skin. The following full-body feel-good massage gives you absolute peace and relaxation, invigorates your senses and gives you a deep feeling of well-being.

80 min: € 130

Herbal Stamps Massage

The unique combination of fragrant warm herbal stamps and warm aroma oil will not only make your skin supple, but also have a relaxing effect on the deep muscles and purify and detoxify your body.

50 min: € 110

Aromatic Oil Massage

A soothing aroma massage in which the essential oils are gently massaged into the skin. For everyone who wants to take a relaxing break from everyday life.

50 min: € 95

Foot Reflexology Massage Deluxe

Through individual pressure, organs and their systems are activated and calmed down at the same time. Indigestion, stress, tension and migraines can be treated wonderfully. The soothing effect of hot stones further enhances relaxation and detoxification.

50 min: € 95

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle massage with soft, flowing movements that have a purifying and decongesting effect because the lymph flow is stimulated. The lymphatic drainage has a pain-relieving, healing-promoting and decongestant effect.

50 min: € 95

Manicure Deluxe


Hand peeling and hand bath, hand and nail care, polishing nails, hand massage and varnish.

80 min: € 85

Pedicure Deluxe


Foot peeling and foot bath, foot and nail care, callus removal, foot massage and varnish.

80 min: € 95

SPA Manicure

Hand bath, hand and nail care with nail oil and care cream

50 min: € 65

SPA Pedicure

Foot bath, foot and nail care with nail oil and care cream

50 min: € 75

Tint Eyelashes and Brows


We take care of your eyelashes and eyebrows and color and shape them according to your wishes.

30 min: € 35

Dye Eyelashes

We color your eyelashes according to your wishes.

20 min: € 20

Color Eyebrows

We color and shape your eyebrows according to your wishes.

20 min: € 20