Weddings & Catering

Weddings at lake Traunsee



Experience the most beautiful day of you life in the idyllic Traunkirchen and we ensure that you will never forget it.


Together with our competent team, which can offer advice in all matters, a matching program will be created for your special day.



With the newly renovated monastery and the incomparable beauty Traunkirchen is the ideal place to give the promise of marriage.


The monastery hall in the former Jesuit monastery in Traunkirchen



In recent years, built from the 12th to the 17th century Monastery of Traunkirchen the parish was restored with great effort and a lot of care.


The halls and adjoining rooms are now available to the public for events which require such a framework and just such a setting, available.


The beautiful monastery hall, with the painted in baroque style wooden coffered ceiling, its fascinating natural lighting, good acoustics and the breathtaking views of the lake and the monastery courtyards, is in its simple splendor especially for your wedding and all events that require this setting.


Capacity up to 130 people.