Diving vacations at Lake Traunsee

For our divers, it is important to see the lake directly from the room and to jump with the diving equipment directly from the room into the lake, to take advantage of a diving school and to warm up in a hot sauna by the cold lake.


Patrons speak of Maldivian conditions.

  • Depth: 191m
  • Length: 12 km | Width: 3 km
  • area: approximately 24.5 km², it is the deepest lake in Austria and the second largest in Upper Austria.

The Traunsee is one of the most exciting and versatile diving spots in Austria! Diving beginners and less experienced divers will find easy and relaxed diving dive sites at shallow depth, while for experienced divers up - or down - only show the boundaries of their training the limit. 

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Wassersport Arena Traunsee